BEN-E-LECT has been showing employers how to save 30-50% in the cost of health care since 1996.

The simple fact is that premiums are going up all over the country by double digits and managed care is not going to reduce those increases.  The only option a business owner has presently to avoid the premium increases is to strip out benefits.  Not anymore, with BEN-E-LECT an employer has the opportunity to reduce its cost without lowering benefits.  The employer will learn how to pay for its plan in a slightly different fashion.

BEN-E-LECT's Employer Driven Health Plans™ can be written with any size case, in fact, our smallest case to date is two employees.

If you are experienced with self-funded plans, you will need to put aside your knowledge in many facets of the traditional self-funded approach.  We will show you why and how the BEN-E-LECT concept works!


In every group of people regardless of the number, If you have 5 employees, 50 employees, or 250 employees. 

  • 50-70% won't use their health plan or use it so little that is of no significance.


  • A small group seldom uses the plan except for a sprain, RX or some other incidental treatment.


  • A very small percentage (4-7%) may use a great deal of health care for a chronic condition, an accident, a pregnancy, etc.


      This small percentage of employees will not        impact the potential savings to the plan.

Your results may vary, but since 1996 our clients results support these statistics.


Rather than wasting premium dollars on unused coverage, employers are free to use those dollars on employee claims if the claims actually occur.

BEN-E-LECT assists employers in purchasing group plans with higher deductibles and lower premiums. Employers then use part of the savings to provide benefits to employees, for charges applied to the carrier high deductible, if and when the benefits are actually used.


How it works:

  • The employer enrolls in a high-deductible plan offered by any of the states largest insurers with BEN-E-LECT's assistance.

  • Employer pays for employee claims applied to the carrier high deductible.

  • BEN-E-LECT pays for employee claims applied to the carrier high deductible on behalf of the employer.

  • The employee gets a normal plan

    • Office visit co-pays

    • Prescription co-pays

    • Coinsurance


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